In 1963, I spent the summer in the United Kingdom as a Student Ambassador for the University People-to-People organization. At the end of that summer, I was traveling from the East Coast of the United States to my home in California and stopped in Tulsa, Oklahoma to visit with my mother's Aunt Johnnie. During that short visit Aunt Johnnie showed me the genealogy of my maternal grandmother's family - the Maines. To me, it went so far back in time that I actually thought it was a fabrication (little did I know of the genealogical research field at that time). But, my interest was piqued.

A few years later, I relocated from California to Boston, Massachusetts and not too long thereafter, became aware of a course in genealogy being offered at the local Church of Later Day Saints (LDS). I signed up and began my genealogical pursuit. In 1984, I moved to London, England. With access to the vital records department, I made frequent visits to find and get copies of birth, marriage and death certificates (before the age of online data bases). I became a member of the London Genealogical Society, which gave me access to their library and facilities. Now, some fifty years later and after (too) many starts and stops, I have managed to accumulate a reasonable amount of information on a few branches of our family. You can also go directly to my genealogy data base or you can view the information on the respective families below.






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