The SCCA Spec Racer Ford (SRF) is the most popular class in the history of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) with engines supplied by Roush Racing. The class consistently has at least 20 cars each race weekend at events. All the same make and model. Last year at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) we started 58 Spec Racer Fords! Now that’s competition! And, with SRF, you can run in both Regional and National races.

These cars are remarkably equal. The motors are dyno’d and sealed. The transmissions are also sealed. You’re not allowed to make any modifications to the cars in any way, and we run on a specified tire (the Yokohama 008). All this keeps the cost of racing very low compared to a lot of other classes in SCCA. Between race weekends, all you have to literally do is just wash the car, change the oil, and check the suspension alignment and brakes before the next race. SCCA Enterprises, the builder of Spec Racer Fords, can rebuild and reseal the motor for a reasonable cost. Gearboxes can last five seasons without being touched! That’s pretty darn reasonable.

Safety is a big issue with me, and the Spec Racer Ford is overbuilt and as strong as a tank. Being a "closed wheel" car, you don’t have the risk of wheel-to-wheel contact that could get you upside down. The fuel cell is well protected, and there are large crush zones around the driver for protection from hard impacts.

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